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Build : Single Stringer || Mesh || Apex Core || Slot Channels

Colours : Black Deck || Black Pinline || Black Rails || White Slick

Feature : New Deck Stamp || New Slick Stamp ( Elbow Stamp ) 

“ Hand-Shaped makes all the difference, Its no coincidence that every professional rides one “ Ostler

25 Years of shaping experience, poured into every single board created by Marc Rossouw. A difference you will notice immediately. In the world of bodyboarding, Marc has earned his stripes as one of the longest lasting board shapers on the planet. Having shaped boards for some of the best in the world, we are extremely privileged to have Marcs expertise and knowledge built into our Hand-Shaped Range.

Shape : This board is our oldest curve by HandPicked. Designed by Marc Rossouw for Ostler. A wide curve that was aimed to be simple yet effective. The wide point falls under the elbows and the rail line remains fairly untouched. A board that would suit riders who are looking for something to suit most waves and have enough volume to generate and maintain speed. A less aggressive curve built more for the flow orientated rider.

Apex Core : The Apex Core was designed for performance. Hand Picked's best selling core and highest rated core in our range. A slightly softer or less dense core, built for the waves performance bodyboarders live for. The core is flexible with the longevity of Poly Pro. Apex paired with a single stringer combination works perfectly for water temperates sub 20 degree celsius. Apex paired with double stringer, will be perfect for anything above. This is a general feeling on the cores and what we had in mind when we were designing the Apex Core. The idea of Apex was to have that "broken in" feeling of a bodyboard, on your very first surf. A feeling we as bodyboarders love. Flirting with a narrow margin of making the core "too flexible" but without losing the longevity of the core as well as the recoil, took some fine tuning. However the end result is something we can proudly stand behind in terms of a perfect mixture of flexibility, recoil and longevity.  

Apex is our number one selling bodyboard core. 

Deck & Rails : 8lb PE

Slick : Suryln Slick

Mesh : Built in for longevity, stiffer finish and recoil.

Flex Scale : 5/10