The Hand Picked Movement


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Build : Double Stringer || No Mesh || Apex Core || Slot Channels || HandLocks

Colours : Yellow Deck || Black Pinline || Black Rails || Orange Slick

Handshaped by : Marc Rossouw 

About : Apex Core 

Board specs : 43": N-12" | W-21.5" | @19" | T=18.5"

About the Board Dimensions : This board is our oldest curve by HandPicked. Designed by Marc Rossouw for Michael Ostler. A wide curve with deep slot channels, no contours and crescent tail. "simple but perfect " The wide point falls under the elbows and the rail line remains fairly untouched. A board that would suit most riders who are looking for something to suit most waves and have enough volume to generate and maintain speed. A less aggressive curve built more for the flow orientated rider.