Where the F#*k is South Africa's Police Force

A post focused on the surf community in Durban South Africa. Obviously. I recently saw an amazing group of people get together to do yet another beach clean up along the northern beaches. Im talking the bike and bean kind of area... Unfortunately I wasn't around and could not attend, which was frustrating as I was hoping to rally a few people up and see if we couldn't take a stand against this disgraceful behavior that takes place after dark each and every weekend on these beautiful beaches.... 

The litter and absolute mess left behind every weekend from these people, is disgusting. Its not an annual thing, its a weekly thing and sadly I've even noticed it creeping into the week now. My issue with it all is simple... These people are not simply using the beachfront, having a packet of crisps and throwing them on the floor afterward. They are hosting full parties, braai's and car-boot drinking blatantly in the public eye. The laws they are breaking are so in your face it is a joke! I personally see it week in and week out. These idiots are walking around with bottles of booze, pissing on municipal buildings, taking shits where they feel the need, smashing bottles, playing loud music, burning shit left and right... for some reason, the fckn police are nowhere to be seen! They are the first people on the beach in the morning to issue you a ticket if your license isn't valid, but between the hours of 4pm and 7am they are ghosts.... 


Surely there comes a time where we as a community need to stop picking up the pieces and break this thing down at the top! What these idiots are doing on a weekly basis is simply AGAINST THE LAW so why the hell don't the police do anything about it! Not only do these people fck up our beaches, they leave the beach at 8 or 9 on the Sunday, drunk as all hell and drive like maniacs home!


Why must we keep picking up the rubbish and shit on the beaches... Why must we vacate the car park after 3pm because of the drunk idiots acting up... Why must we live in fear on those beaches because you can't do your fcking job! 


Now as a beach user, I'm tired of this nonsense. Surely we as a community can rise up and get the SAPS to do something about this. It isn't fair on anybody and I will take a stand here in saying, you cannot justify any of there behavior. This is outright illegal, selfish and it has now gone to far! 

What can we as a community do to change this, because the SAPS are asleep at the wheel!