HandPicked offer a 100% warranty on all factory defaults valid for 90 days from date of purchase. When applying for a warranty, HandPicked have the right to examine the product in order to make a decision on cause of damages. The final decision on warranty is in the hands of the HandPicked management.  Any fault from misuse or neglect will not be entertained by HandPicked. The warranty will be null and void. Any peeling or de-lamination of a HandPicked product can and will be examined by HandPicked management to determine the cause. Any factory default will be repaired or replaced free of charge. HandPicked will not cover the damages caused by the customer in any form. Creasing of a bodyboard is not covered by HandPicked. Any over exposure to heat causing damage to the board, will not be covered by HandPicked. Any snapped boards will not be covered by HandPicked. Any external or internal damages from other products to the board are not covered by HandPicked. When plugging the board, please make sure you have requested for HandPicked to do the plugging or a professional. No damages incurred whist plugging of the board, will be covered by HandPicked. It is up to the customer to know where or how many stringers the board has, we welcome all questions or queries on plugging your board. Claims can and should be submitted to handpicked@threesix.co.za alternatively contact your nearest store that stocks HandPicked, to raise the claim. If a claim is lodged, it is up to the customer to finance the freight of the board to the nearest head office, if the claim is validated, HandPicked will refund and replace/replace the damages and cover the courier fee back to you.