Twenty Five Years

" All I want to do, is be locked in my shaping bay with a block of foam and my equipment, I just want to create the best bodyboards on the planet " Marc Rossouw 
 As passionate as the day he started. Marc's drive to hand shape the best bodyboards on the planet lives on. Twenty Five years of experience in the field separates him entirely. His methods are unique and all the equipment is custom built. Replicating the craft Marc creates is an unlikely task. The " Marc Rossouw Shapes " is stamped proudly on the slicks of all crafts hand-shaped by Marc. The stamp that represents twenty five years of hard work and dedication. 
As a business, Marcs experience and skills are priceless but his passion is what drives this brand. Marc's love for the art of hand shaping boards stems much deeper than a business tool. His belief in dealing with a board from start to finish, working with one board at a time, studying the foam, learning the curves, is something to behold. Watching Marc in his element is something special. He takes all of the production aspect out of the equation, the business is null and void and any aspect of pressure is lost. Marc will take the block of foam, his tools and disappear into another world... the result... simply brilliant. 
In the years of Marcs success as a shaper. He has shaped for multiple world champions, He has shaped boards for some of the best bodyboarders on the planet as well as licensed with multiple brands. This new movement and pairing of HandPicked and Marc is everything needed to suit both the business and the artist. HandPicked is honoured to have Marc Rossouw as the sole shaper for the brand. 
 Twenty Five Years of experience into every single craft. The art of hand shaping is alive and lives within Marc Rossouw, the official shaper for the HandPicked Movement. 
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