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The Answer is Jack Parow

Die Fokkin Answer. 
Jack Parow has officially signed with Handpicked as we release the Parow Trooper to the world. Jack Parow aka Zander Tyler and HandPicked have been in touch for the better part of 2017 discusses the possibilities of getting the hip hop star onboard the movement. Zander is no kook on a bodyboard. Infact bodyboarding has been apart of Zanders life for many years now... Today HandPicked acknowledges this... 
Zander is from Cape Town, South Africa and has taken the country by storm with his unique rap style. He has been known to tear shit apart at festivals with his chaotic but inspired performances. Not backing down for anybody, Zander has taken the pipe dream of being a successful musician and made it a reality... 
" I think the best part about signing Zander is the fact that he is a f*kn good bodyboarder. In fact he would probably give most of the South African scene a fright when they see him in the water... " HandPicked's Michael Ostler on Zander. 


Its incredible to think we can create a link between the world of music and bodyboarding. The fact that its not a novelty idea inspired to sell boards is where this deal finds its feet. Zander as a bodyboarder, is of quality to be riding for a company as a deserved team rider. His unique old school style of riding mixed with some new school flair, really makes him stand out as a rider. We are excited to explore new worlds and ideas with Zander. His influence as a hip hop artist and his ideas as a bodyboarder are really appreciated by us as the brand. The first board Zander designed with us was something out of space and you can take our word for it, the thing is incredible! 

Zanders personal board is full of tricks and experiments. He is working closely with us and has designed a signature model which we have called, the Parow Trooper. 


The Parow Trooper will be online and available for purchase on www.thehandpickedmovement.co

This is an entirely new world we as a brand are entering. The possibilities are endless. Zander has inspired us onto another level and we are truly grateful to call him a team member and to say that he is onboard the movement. 



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Alternatively check out his website : http://www.jackparow.co.za