The art of hand shaping is alive and lives within Marc Rossouw, the official shaper for the HandPicked Movement. 

HandPicked separates itself from the field with twenty five years of experience poured into every craft that leaves the shaping bay. Every HandPicked board produced is handcrafted from start to finish by Marc, at the HandPicked shaping bay, in Durban, South Africa. Attention to detail and an understanding of the foam is a skill set acquired from decades of shaping.
" The best boards on the planet are shaped by Marc Rossouw " Mark McCarthy
The comparison between factory and hand-shaped is non existent. The quality of boards manufactured by Marc, does not exist outside the walls of the HandPicked shaping bay. HandPicked have the ability to build a bodyboard tailored to the needs of the customer. Whether its performance or longevity, flexibility or speed, the shaper takes every specification into account when building your custom. The quality is not of question, the result is in your hands and the freedom to create is evident. 
" Watching Marc whilst he is in the shaping bay is a pretty unique experience. He completely shuts the world out. It's just him and the foam... " Michael Ostler
The element of production is lost and the art of shaping is created. 
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