Lets talk about curve...

You will see on our online order form that we have the option " Select your curve" 

Obviously we understand that, if you are in the market for a custom, you are probably going to select the option " let the shaper decide" which was are stoked on, Marc Rossouw has 25 years of experience behind him, there is no better person to trust with a curve than Marc.... 

However we also understand that there are people out there, who have an appreciation of what our pro's are riding and have a relation with their riding style. So we have their board curves on offer online for order to your sizing and colour... 

So lets us talk a little more about the builds... 

Mark McCarthy Curve

Mark's build is the template that both McCarthy and Rossouw sat down to design. McCarthy is known for his speed and technical moves. " The contest machine " rides a board build for all kinds of waves and conditions. Mark likes to ride a single shape which covers a spectrum of riding styles suited to Mark. Slightly wider on the nose, giving the extra foam under the elbow for flips and speed on flatter waves. The deep channels combined with a straighter " bottom end " of the board, allows for the board to manoeuvre well in the bigger waves and holds its line. 

Mark is currently riding : Apex | Double Stringer | Vice | HandLocks | Mesh 

Michael Ostler Curve 

This board is our oldest curve by HandPicked. Designed by Marc Rossouw for Ostler. A wide curve with deep box channels, no contours and crescent tail. "simple but perfect " The wide point falls under the elbows and the rail line remains fairly untouched. A board that would suit most riders who are looking for something to suit most waves and have enough volume to generate and maintain speed. A less aggressive curve built more for the flow orientated rider. The curves specs in relation to a 42 Inch are as follows :

42" N : 12.25 | W : 21.25 | N-W : 17.50  | T : 18.625

Wilder Schultz Curve 

The board built for the prone rider. Wilder is an admirer of slabs and heavy waves. His board was built accordingly and have been working incredibly well for Wilder. The fact that the curve was designed around heavier waves, does not mean it will not perform in the smaller waves. Schultz however designed this curve with big waves in mind. Narrow on both nose and tail with a slight bump under the elbows to ensure speed and volume, the curve designed here is the perfect set up for the guys and girls out there chasing slabs! Check out the specs below for a 42 inch board : 

42" N :11.50 | W : 21.00 | N - W : 18.50 | T : 18.00