Jack Parow and Afrika for Beginners

Incase you have been hiding under a rock. 

Jack Parow ( Our Parow Trooper ) has dropped an incredible 18 track album recently that is taking over the charts! The album is called " Afrika 4 beginners " and is without a doubt one of his best, if not THE best album of Parows career. 

Parow is a very busy man. A few of our team riders, Michael Ostler ; Marc Rossouw ; Mumbles and Wilder Schultz recently did some work with him for a TV show down in Cape Town South Africa. Not only was it epic to get the brand and Parow Trooper onto mainstream television, but we got to spend the day as a team just cruising South Africa's mother city. 

The HandPicked team is a pretty close knit team, so we are all behind Parow on this new album. Jack has given us the "go ahead" to use his music on our podcasts in the future which is incredible! So if you aren't from SA and you have been wondering about this Parow character, you will definitely be hearing more of his music on all of our platforms and our team riders platforms as well. 

Jacks new album is on multiple platforms but here is the direct link to download the album from iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/afrika-4-beginners/1305878684


We are super stoked to have this legend on board the HandPicked movement. Somebody as wise and driven as Parow, sharing the same visions as we do, is surreal. A super busy man but fckn down to earth and he rips on the boogie too. So if you see Jack in the line up, make sure you say howzit!