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Hand Shaped - Hand Finished - Hand Picked

October 2014, Michael Ostler approached renowned board shaper, Marc Rossouw with a concept of escaping the current format of the bodyboard scene. The art of Hand-Shaping is an art not many master and the quality of is in a league of its own... 

"There is no better form of marketing than producing incredible quality products"

The concept was to expose the artist that is Marc Rossouw, with 25 years of experience and records of manufacturing boards for some of the world's best riders. Constructed with only premium materials, sourced globally and produced in South Africa. With machinery that is custom built to allow for freedom during the build process. Machinery Marc has perfected over decades of production. The HandPicked Movement has grown from strength to strength. The business has a South African branch and distribution as well as a new office in Sydney Australia. The boards are distributed globally. Precision is of the utmost importance, working with an allowance of 1mm, which is vital to the success of the brand and performance of the boards. HandPicked pride themselves on the equipment and the history behind the tools. It is what makes the brand unique and the products of superior quality. Replicating the craft Marc creates is an unlikely task. The " Marc Rossouw Shapes" is stamped proudly on the slicks of the crafts hand-shaped by Marc. The stamp that represents twenty five years of hard work and dedication that filters into every single board released from the shaping bay. 

"We believe in the brand. Without belief, the brand is nothing. Without precision, the craft is nothing. Without the art, we are nothing. HandPicked represents it all. Our boards tell a story. Our craft is our pride." 

The intimacy of custom bodyboards, allows for the brand to connect with each and every single person riding the brand. The relationship between customer and brand runs much deeper than an exchange of money for a product. The brand invites you to join the Movement of like minded individuals who appreciate the art form that is Hand Shaped bodyboards. Hand Picked wants to share your story, wants to be a part of your journey, and most importantly, be a part of the brand. For every person out there representing the logo, you are a part of the movement!