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HandPicked offers a 100% warranty on all factory defaults valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. When applying for your warranty claim, HandPicked has the right to examine the product and make all final decisions on if the board misused or weather the fault falls on the manufacturing process. The warranty claim will not be considered for the misuse and damage by the customer. Nor will the warranty be considered for any modifying of the board. HandPicked will provide a 90 day warranty against peeling, de-lamination and/or manufacturers workmanship from the date of purchase. Please note, any creases are not covered by warranty under no circumstances. For any issues regarding warranty the owner must contact place of purchase. 

HandPicked warranty will/ will not cover the following :

• Creases on any part of the board are not covered by warranty.

• Snapped boards or stringers popped through the deck are not covered by warranty.

• Damage caused by other bodyboarding related products while in use.


Any boards damaged from the plugging of the board, will not be covered under this warranty.


All claims to be submitted via email : Boards purchased in store should be lodged either in store or via email. If a claim is lodged, the customer will then need to send the board back to HandPicked at the customers own cost and if HandPicked accept your claim we will then compensate the cost of the postage.

*Please Note
Any HandPicked boards/ product bought at a discounted or reduced price from the website or any other HandPicked stockist will have no warranty.

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