19/20 HP Logo - PP Factory Range
19/20 HP Logo - PP Factory Range
19/20 HP Logo - PP Factory Range
19/20 HP Logo - PP Factory Range

19/20 HP Logo - PP Factory Range

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The Factory Stock Range. 

No Bells. No Whistles. A time honoured setup. The PolyPro core combined with a single stringer is arguably the most versatile and classic setups of all time. 

This board was designed by HandPicked as a stock alternative to our custom sleds offering riders an option to get back to basics with a great shaped block of foam.

The science and tech behind bodyboards is getting a bit crazy nowadays and sometimes its refreshing to just simplify things and strip it right back.

The time is now and this range is built just for that! 

The thinner 52mm finish has your board sitting beautifully in your hands.

The single stringer and PP combo provides all the pop you will need for smashing ramps and has enough flex to navigate the throatiest of slabs.

The factory stock range is perfect for cool to warm waters, will suit most riders as the curve is thoroughly tested and timeless.


CORE:  Polypro Core
 Single Stringer
DECK: NXL 8lb PE Deck

SLICK: Surlyn Slick
TAIL: Crescent

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Michael Ostler Template, 55/45 Double rails, 52mm Finish, Nose Bulbs, CNC Shaped, Hand Finished, Finger-Print Stamp, Plastic Free Packaging, Channels


Board Dimensions


41 Inches || N : 11.75 || W : 20.75 || N-W : 17 || T : 18.25


42 Inches || N : 12.25' || W : 21.25' || N-W : 17' || T : 18 5/8’ 


43 Inches || N: 12.5 || W : 21.75 || N-W : 18 || T : 19