Wheres Wildo?

We caught up with our ninja for a brief one on one....

Simon Heale Photo.


HP : Wilders! How you doing my guy? 

WD : Hey Bru! Yeah things are good thanks! Winter is here so its been epic so far

HP : No South America for you this year? 

WD: Yeah, as much as I love the place, unfortunately its a no go for me. Purely on a funds basis, I couldn't afford to do the S America leg AND the European leg. So with that being said, you will see me in Europe in September! 

HP : Must be hard not being there. Whose got it this year you reckon? 

WD: So hard watching and not being there. First time experiencing it since my first trip a few years back. Yeah sheesh guys are ripping, PLC and Moz are machines out there and are so tough to beat. In saying that, I reckon the saffa guys have what it takes to win, Iain and Jerry have proved it before and its only a matter of time before Tristan does. After saying that all, it would be so good to see an "underdog" like Cramsie take it out! 

HP : What does a day in the life of Wilder consist of? 

WD: Its basically a balance between managing a restaurant and surfing as much as I can. Taking advantage of winter swells this year. Its my first full winter at home in a long time! 

HP : Hows the WW going for you? 

WD : Man I love the WW. The speed and drive is gives is amazing! It feels loose on the scoop but once it bites, it doest let go! 

HP : You just got the packing photo, congrats on that man, tell us about that day:

WD : Ahh thanks bru. I was frothing when I saw that. That shot believe it or not, was the most average and crowded day out at El Agujero in the Canary Islands. Surrounded by waves like Fronton, a few boys paddles out with Joshua Tabone for an argo splash. as soon as we got out there, we saw this one line up and it was a little shallow but the boys still pushed through into the line up. I was the first to put my head down and go. I lucked into a gem which ended up being the only wave that barrelled that whole session! hahahaha


HP : Thanks for the time man! Big love Wild Dog.

WD : Big thanks to the guys at Hand Picked. Shout out to Zion and my mom and dad! Love you guys! 

Thanks for the time Wild Dog! Hope to see you around soon man!