A successful application in Jared Visick

We were overwhelmed with the response to The Exclusive Range and the HandPicked movement have selected 4 successful applicants to date, today we introduce you to one of them... Jared Visick 

The team was excited to receive the notification that Jared had applied for his Exclusive Range board, to which he was allocated the 4/10 board. So we ran a quick interview with Jared, to better educate the reader....

Name :  Jared Visick
Age :  25
Home Town :  Durban, South Africa
Years in the Water :  12
So what made you want to get your hands on this Exclusive Board :  When I first saw the advert, I clicked on it and what immediately grabbed me was the look and colour of it. It looks deadly, when I started reading into detail about the board, it blew me away, the overall design is sure to push my riding to the next level and to be apart of something so exclusive is a real winner and the pride is at an all time high.
Are you going to ride it or preserve it :  I am definitely going to ride it .
Haha Im sure Marc will be stoked its going to get some use out of it, especially now that we believe your headed to SA champs with your state team, congratulations on that man! So Jared, give us a brief history about you both in and out the water :  I have been bodyboarding since I was 13, it started out as a weekend thing because my older brother was a surfer. I then got hooked and could never do or think about anything else besides it, I made the CKZN team ( the local State Team ) in 2007 and went to South African Champs held at Plett Wedge which opened my eyes to contests and the ins and outs of the sport. I was also in-love with the wavehouse. I did a-lot more local contests here and there and as I got older and travelling and life got in the way and I almost lost the passion for it, however, I always found myself watching bodyboarding videos or looking at pics of the recent swells that hit. I knew that I still loved it. So in 2018 I began training again, and bodyboarding as much as I can, at least 5 times a week, and that's where 2019 comes in, I made the EBA team and heading to SA champs in Port Alfred in April for the mens division and I am confident, I have the drive and the fire is burning bright.
Ah thats incredible to hear. I know i can speak on behalf of all involved in HandPicked, its been epic watching you grow up and your level of riding and motivation is inspiring. So out of the water, what are you doing for work currently :  I am currently a teacher in training, need to get the next generation of kids hooked on the sport, haha 
Ha ha that is epic man, and yes im sure you will! Any plans for the future :  Hit SA champs in Port Alfred, take my bodyboarding to the next level, go overseas on a few trips to find waves, work hard to make my life better in and out of the water.


Well from us, goodluck for the up and coming trip. Im sure this little weapon is going to be exactly the edge needed to separate yourself! 

PS : That core in those waters is going to be a God-send! 

Jared has his own instagram and facebook page, if you would like to connect with him, click the links below: 


Instagram : @jaredvisick

Facebook : Jared Visick

Youtube : Jared Visick Clip

Thank you again for the support Jared, its an honour having you on the number 4 Exclusive Range board by HandPicked!