We are not worthy

A surfer who claims he is the ORIGINAL SURFER has made the voice note of the century. From what we can gather from the degenerates VN, he had some altercation at a wave in South Africa, called Kommetjie. Kommetjie is a small town near Cape Town, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It lies about halfway down the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, at the southern end of the long wide beach that runs northwards towards Chapman's Peak and Noordhoek.

So this grappling, passive aggressive man-child, was obviously on his last string of "stoke" from the day of ORIGINAL SURFING & lost his head at a local paddle boarder who was accused of snaking all the waves off the locals like himself. 

He obviously was "out of energy" when the physical confrontation came to fruition, as he seemed to laugh it off ( like the legend he is ) to later on come to his senses, in the safety of his home, he sends a powerful voice note to the accused paddle boarder. 

Infact, no. Let him speak for himself... 

The edited version because he is a waffler....