Was snuffing a fart, the way in?

Felt good to sit and catch up with old mate, Teegan Coulonval. 
The first actual ever team rider of the HandPicked Movement.  
HP : You're not old are you? 
TREE : 19 Years

HP : Obviously you're on a HP, what you riding though?
TREE : A custom single stringer with mesh 

HP : Why the fringe?
TREE : Ah just trying it out mate 😂

HP : You ride a bodyboard, how come?
TREE : You can ride anything

HP : Whose your idol?
TREE : A better me , i strive to be a better me everyday.
HP : Shit that was deep. Best session of your life? 
TREE : Had so many good ones i cant decide , every spot has its own uniqueness i guess

HP : Still deep. ummmmm Way back in the early days, you did a trip to Port Alfred with founder, Michael Ostler. He mentioned something about you smelling some farts or something??? 
TREE : Well as you know , theres nothing worse than a co-driver who aint got you , so taking it back a few years ratty and i made a trip to port alfred.
After the trip and on our way home. Ratty decided to let me know what he had for dinner the night before. Without being able to open the windows he told me a good co driver would never let the driver smell his own fart 🤔 so sniffing i did , i sucked in all the bad smell. So he could carry on his driving.

HP : Brilliant. West Beach?
TREE : Yes im there. West beach here we come

HP : Last words?
TREE: See you out there ✌🏼

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