The Expansion of The HandPicked Movement

HandPicked have grown some limbs, and some balls. We have taken the step to open up in Australia & things are in full swing... 

" The South African bodyboard community will always be in my heart. I am no way leaving my home in search of greener pastures, Its more like, we are expanding our business for the South African bodyboarding community... " Ostler 

We have secured and moved into a location in Caringbah, Sydney. We are sharing a property with the infamous Emerald Bodyboard Specialists. Our offices are right above the new store in Adventure place. So we are working hand in hand with the Emerald Team which is great! 

Apon arrival, Ostler was pretty blown away at the quality of riding in Sydney. He has reported back on multiple occasions on the standard of riding as a whole in Australia. Their is a lot of differences in the 2 markets which is very interesting for us as a new brand in Aus. The different types of preferred boards,  the styles of riding and even the general outlook on a wave riding approach is different, Its epic but it is different. So in all its been an interesting experience and considering we are still fresh off the boat, we are very excited to dive into this market! 

-------------------------------------------------- F L A S H B O M B --------------------------------------------------------- 

So with this being said, we as a brand are extremely excited on the move. We are excited to grow. Fck it, we are proud of our growth. We have our targets and our short and long term goals lined up. Our heads are down and we are on the move! 

This was just a brief update on whats been going on with the HandPicked Movement.