The Cave Rock Invitational comes to an end in 2018

Words from Michael Ostler : 


Today is a sad day. This is the official message to inform everybody that the Cave Rock Invitational is no longer. I would just like to say a few words before we sign out...

Reflecting over the years of this event, I cant help but get slightly emotional. What this event did, exceeded any of my expectations. The support from both rider and spectator was an incredible part of the success of this event. I cant thank you all enough...

This event attracted world class athletes competing for next to nothing financially, but for the love of their respective sports. The event bought multiple water sports to one, where surfers and bodyboarders shared the water, where world champions shared the line ups with the local community members, where international athletes flew out to enjoy our country. Im proud of these facts but I am not to thank, this was done purely by the athletes who made the sacrifices to be here in acceptance of their event invitation. So without you all, the event was just flags on a beach...

Huge thanks must go out to Red Bull South Africa. Billy Tennant and I mustered this idea of a multi- disciplined event and Red Bull was extremely good to me. Without them, I cant see how this event would have come together. So for that, thank you!

Thank you to all the sponsors that came on board through out the events life span. Each of you played a roll of importance and we hope the event was as good to you as you were to us.

To the winners, 2x winner Andre Botha ; Jona Daniel Venter ( Expression session ) ; Tristan Roberts and Jacob Romero . Those names are a statement in their own right. You guys were incredible for the event, to each of you, a huge thank you for being involved. You changed the game here in South Africa. For that, we all thank you. What an unreal list of names to take home trophies. I am humbled!

The Internationals : Jacob Romero and Seabass Perez Thank you so much for coming out and accepting your invites respectively. I can speak on behalf of the entire bodyboard community in South Africa, when I say, your presence here changed the industry. You inspired our countries industry more then you will ever realise. From all of us, I could never thank you enough.

To the Photographers and videographers, Kevin Sawyer Photography ; Ryan Janssens ; TimmyBaker ; Daniel Dedekind ; Craig Hansen ; Rudi Stadler and everybody else who had your lenses pointed at the water. We all know what a struggle it can be, this surf industry, however you all were incredibly helpful and willing to shoot and film where needed. So from me personally, thank you so much for the time and efforts!

Then to Sandile Shange and the Bluff Boardriders . Thank you for welcoming us to your beaches. You were incredibly welcoming and helpful. The event would never have taken flight without your permissions and blessings. So from me once more, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There were so many people who helped along the way. I cannot take credit for this event. It as all the help and dedication from so many people, to many to mention. You all know who you are, I love you all!

To my wife, Becca Blair Ostler, who had to deal with a stressed out, grumpy guy during the events window. You were incredible! Thank you so much for being there where and when I needed you and then being there when I thought I didn't, but I did! You are my rock. Thank you!

Well, thats a wrap. This page will stay active as their is something else brewing however the Cave Rock Invitational is officially a done deal. Here are a few images of the event that stood out to me and to reminisce is pretty emotional as I know what went on behind the scenes in the making of the event...

Thank you all so much. This has been an incredible experience: