Tag Mumbles in!

As you know or should or maybe dont know, Mumbles ( Deon Meyer) has been in Chile for the past couple and is commentating on the APB World Bodyboard Tour. Mumbles has worked fckn hard to get himself into a position where he is able to compete in the big league, and after event 001, he is easily holding his own! 

We caught up with Mumbles.... 

HP: Hows life in Chile bru?

MM : Good pal, life in Chile is slow and easy. Good place to be. Coffee is a bit pricey haha

HP : What made you go?  

MM : The opportunity I was granted in coming here sees a bit of dream come true to be able to commentate and be apart of the APB world.

HP : Is it all its cracked out to be? 

MM: You know what yes. No contest in the world doesn't have it challenges and having been part of many of them back home you kinda just fit right in helping out sorting out a few niggels here and there. It's been an incredible experience, everyone is incredibly professional and focused and it's by that that makes it so good to be apart of this.

HP : Whose the standout so far? 

MM : Once you see the level of riding here you understand how good these guys and girls are. I've said it since the beginning of the year that Tristan Roberts is going to have his best year yet. So far. On point. But saying that it's not possible to point out a single rider. This year's world title is going to be hard fought one.

HP : Hows the response to a South African commentator been?

MM : aah at first I think a bit apprehensive and for all it was treading new ground and with a name such as mumbles I'd be worried as well! Haha but after the second day it's been amazing! It's was a bit intimidating and nerves first but I when I got through those hurdles it was game on. Now it's all good and on an upward!

HP : and Now?

MM : Yeah still in Chile. Making my to iqique to surf for a few days and then Arica for the grand-slam event.

HP : Tell us a story : 

MM :  I'm sure you've seen a few images regarding an evening out in the desert. We saw that artwork in a format of a hand and the clearest milky way over it. Another highlight was being in the atacama desert. What a place. It was incredible. It was also good seeing Tristan taking the win.

HP : You surfed yet? 

MM : Actually, no I haven't and I'm now approaching Grumbles. Look it's hard work and long hours. First light at the beach and by time you done it's onshore and you hella tired. 

HP : Hows the language barrier?

MM : What language barrier? Mumbles is International.

HP : We won't keep you long, we know you're a busy guy but any shoutouts?  

MM : A big thanks to HandPicked for seeing something I didn't all those years back, Tezza and Manny, loved ones back home, friends and family.