Successful applicant Patrick Wright with 8/10 of the Exclusive Range

Paddy Wright with his successful application and is the official owner of the 8/10 Exclusive Range by HandPicked. Paddy has been a great supporter of our mission as the HandPicked Movement. It's an absolute honour to have a successful application through him for one of these symbolic boards.... 

So we asked Paddy to talk a little about his point of view on the game : 

" I think bodyboarding has such a great community of guys who charge, and to get respect among guys I feel is earned. I've always looked up to guys like Andre Botha and Marc McCarthy who aren't the loudest guys in the water, but let their riding do the talking. I think a phrase i once heard, "Nut Up or Shut Up", best describes the way they ride and what i kind of want to ride like. 

I'd love to do a few more Bodyboard trips in the future, maybe do Sumatra again. It's also been amazing to have such quality Bodyboards come out of Handpicked and has made it that much easier to support a local brand. I think we are so easy to buy from some big corporate conglomerate, meanwhile there are almost always talented local businesses out there, who deserve our support. Be lekker buy local, Shot HandPicked, keep up the amazing work."

As we said above, having the support of people like Patrick, makes our mission that much better and fulfilling. Thank you always Paddy and its an honour to have you onboard the HandPicked Movement!