Precision is art

" When everything falls into place. 
The details are connected and perfected. 
You know that its meant to be... 
An Intense focus on the work of art at hand
Where Focus, passion and dedication meet foam
Every piece, every angle, calculated and rendered
To bring you custom on a whole new level... 
 The HandPicked Movement. "


Our product is our pride. Our boards are our art. Our business is handcrafted.  

The HandPicked Movement have shaper, Marc Rossouw behind the art thousands have experienced first hand. Twenty Five years of experience in the shaping bay, artists like Marc are a rare breed on this planet. Due to the industry focus having shifted, artists like Marc have been through many a difficult period. Focusing on the high end spectrum of the industry is both admirable and testing. We are truly blessed to have an artist like Marc behind the door of the shaping bay, a one man army. Creating art according to spec, for the spectrum of riders whom understand the craft, the industry and standard set. 

We shape boards from start to finish, according to spec. We believe that a board is built like that, the shaper needs to feel, understand and appreciate the work of which he releases. We do not send a board that does not pass the post inspection from Shaper Marc Rossouw and our QA who we keep anonymous.  

"... a hand shaped board will always stand out from the industry standard... " 

Our boards have be tried and tested. Our customers have loyal and our team have been driven. The industry is ever changing, the mass market is encroaching but we are staying true to our model. We believe in our model and we believe in our shaper. 

We work with a 1mm allowance on all our boards. Nothing more will suffice. 

Precision is everything in this game.