Paddy Wright's trip of a lifetime!

Paddy Wright has recently taken 2 HP customs and set out on the trip of a life time. He was real good on social media, which allowed us to keep up to date on his movements, sessions and all round good times! 

We needed to have a catch up with him, so we dropped him an email and this is what transpired....


HP : Hey man! How are you going?
PW : Ya all good bru, good to be back in Durbs

HP : How’s the Trip been so far?
PW : Yeah was epic hey, got back on the 7 th after almost 2 days in airports &  planes.

HP : Where have you been exactly?
PW : Was away for 3 months in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indo

HP : What made you do the trip?
PW : I think I’ve always loved to travel so I knew I wanted to do stint of travel before I have to get a big boy job or start some sort of career path. And I knew a part of the trip would be going to Indo and chasing waves and swell.

HP : Where you off to next?
PW : Going to Italy at the end of the year.

HP : You have been scoring some epic waves, where's the best place so far?       PW : It’s probably a tight contest between Honeysmacks and Supersuck. Both are incredible
waves but super different so it’s hard to say which is better.

HP : What boards did you take over?
PW : I took my Mccarthy 41’5 model and a custom 41’5 Handpicked

HP : How they going for you?
PW : They are both amazing. I wanted to take two boards that would perform better in different conditions. The Mccarthy model is nice and loose and I enjoyed using it in the fun smaller waves. The custom board has a bit deeper channels and little bit more rail in the water, which made it a barrel riding machine.

HP : We heard a rumour you’re cutting you hair?
PW : Hahahahaha! Who’s telling you stories? When it’s gone you’ll know. haha

HP : How’s the night life been?
PW : Haha, ya I’m not really a big joller so didn’t go out much, preferred getting up super early to surf!

PW : None

HP : Anything you would have done different?
PW : Stayed Longer, haha!