Ostler and Schultz hit the desert

Michael Ostler and Wilder Schultz teamed up with a solid crew for the Namibian experience. A total of 4 days was spent in the desert and the results were incredible... 

Ben Player 

Josh Kleeve

Don Basset

Roger Pardoe 

Daniel Worsley 

Wilder Schultz 

Michael Ostler 


Couldn't have a designed a better crew if you tried. Between Benny and Josh they both scored, arguably the best wave recored at the Donkey ever. Everybody was just frothing for the guy next to them. We all scored the waves of our lives and the evidence of this was in the content and stoke of our crew. Everybody was just on cloud 9. The 8th wonder of the world really turned it on for us.... 

Ostler : " For me, it was not just the fact that there were 1 minute barrels up for grabs... It was the entire experience. Its a pretty surreal place in all. I was completely taken back by it even before I saw the 8th wonder." 

See video here of one from Ostler  : Mind warp 

The thing is, no video, no words, no image, will ever capture what is the experience of Skeleton Bay. I think people have been trying to capture it for years and nobody has and nobody will ever, capture it all. Its impossible and I think that is what makes this place so special. You need to be there, to experience it. 

Its an experience from the moment you book your ticket or get into your car. The vibes, the elements, the accommodation, the wave, the speed, the climate, the drive... I could go on for ever, it is without a doubt, an experience of a lifetime. 

Places like this should not exist. It doesnt make sense! 

Anyways here a couple images of the crew and the trip! 

Heres to the best trip and the best waves of our lives....