One Step Forward : Visualise

We are so stoked to be in a position to release the "visualise your custom" by HandPicked! Lee Mulvogue sent us an email a few months back with this idea, and look, we understand that this isn't the first bodyboard visualiser but what Lee has created here is brilliant! The amount of hours that Lee would have put into making this visualiser work with our online store, is mind-warping. It was so pleasant working hand in hand with a man who had such a clear vision in building this platform, to allow people the opportunity to digitally build and visualise the custom is incredible. So often, people create an image in their minds about what a board build would look like as a finished product, then when they physically see the product, it sometimes doesnt line up with what they had envisioned... With this new visualiser, you can now see the real colours and get a true feel of what your perfect board build would look like... Building a board with the REAL colours and textures is special! Lee's work here has really revolutionised the way you can build your customs on 

We now offer more information on flex, speed and control but the real winner and progression here is Lee and his work on the visualiser. So Click here and test out some crazy colour combos, mesh, channels, stamps... the works! It costs you nothing to look, and who knows, maybe you will design the next big colour combo! 

Once again Lee, from us at HandPicked, we cannot thank you enough!