HandPicked does away with Plastic

This initiative started with a quote by Kimi Werner : “We got sold on this whole throwaway society, this whole throwaway idea that the more civilized you are, the more convenient everything should be. You shouldn’t have to do dishes if you can throw them away, ya know? You shouldn’t have to take care of something if you can throw it away. And we’ll make it cheap enough where you can buy another but there is no ‘away’. THERE’S NO SUCH PLACE AS AWAY.” 

"Plastic waste is one of many types of wastes that take too long to decompose. Normally, plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. But plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to decompose, while plastic bottles can take 450 years or more."

We as humans, all have a roll on this planet. We as a company are not going to bash your doors down and feed this to you. You are either on board, or not. We at HandPicked, will make a realistic effort to make change to your every day, run of the mill, bodyboard packaging. The initiative is a hopefully going to make aware, the everyday person. It may not, it may do, either way, if one person takes away from this initiative, then the project was successful... 

For decades, bodyboards have been wrapped in plastic wraps for display and to keep the boards obviously looking neat and clean. That is the role of the single use plastic we feel physically and what we see on a daily basis as bodyboarders. So we have done some research into the replacement of plastics to a more eco friendly variant. Which their are a few options, however, this initiative is about awareness and taking a stand for the wellbeing of our planet and oceans... The single use plastic will no longer be a feature in the HandPicked 2018/19 ranges. Our boards will not have a variant option or alternate material to cover the boards. Our boards will sit, naked, on the stores shelves, and we will stand behind the decision. 

The reality of our actions, short term, may not be of impact and the stock may not looking as appealing as the boards wrapped next to it. However, the meaning behind our movement, means more to us. Secondly, our boards quality has always been of vital importance, so we are not scared to showcase our boards in the most raw form. So when you as the customer, has a look at our stock boards, you will feel the board for what it is, every angle and surface. 

Unfortunately the feeling of unwrapping your new board, which is one amazing feeling as a grom, will be lost. That is a small sacrifice in the long term. A sacrifice we are willing to make to bring awareness to this major issue our world is facing at the moment.

Looking at the amount of bodyboards sold internationally every year, this initiative to no longer have the boards wrapped in plastic, may or may not make much of an impact, but is that not the same song everybody sings?

" Ah man, me drinking my bottle of water a day, isn't going to make any difference"

That sentence right their, is the the sentence that makes this problem grow on a daily basis. We all have the power to make change, and we as a brand are tired of talking about it. So we took, the most realistic, unnecessary/non vital, tool on the bodyboard, its packaging, and are doing away with it. In hopes to inspire those who sing the " Im not going to make a difference" song, to take a stand, make an effort and give it a go... 

 We understand its a drop in the ocean, this initiative, however we stand behind this decision and we hope the positivity flows onward. We are hoping to inspire and see this initiate grow!