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Bodyboarders : The nicest people on the planet

Nice guys come last...

Whether we are dealing with bodyboard brands who import and don't support the industry, or core surf brands who want nothing to do with our industry. You will still get bodyboards wearing or using those brands with pride. Its a complete mind warp but we all were or are guilty of this at some point. We find every excuse in the world to justify the use or support of the brands but I believe that deep down inside, we are well aware that those brands, are laughing at us... 

I completely understand the surf brands mentality of not supporting bodyboarding. Its not their business model so why support us? You can't be angry at them for doing so! That is there business, its there decision and its there bloody brand! Majority of the surf world, look down on bodyboarding and its been this way for generations. Thats a fact. So as a business, why risk pissing all the loyal supporters (surfers) off by taking a gamble and supporting bodyboarding ( the lesser sport) It just doesn't make business sense from their POV. So how can you blame them? I know I don't. Obviously it be real cool if they lead by example to change the perception of bodyboarders to influence their minions but lets face facts here, thats not going to happen. So no need to fight against thunder, David doesn't win this fight, get over it and move on... So now with that in mind, we should be asking what can be done. The answer is pretty simple, return the favor. Yet bodyboards, still to this day, will support those brands. The same brands that openly admit to want nothing to do with us, yet we, will still, throw money at them. ( Nicest guys in the world )

The only thing we have in common, is we ride waves. The relationship ends there.


On a personal capacity, I like surfing. I watch the WSL from time to time and a lot of my friends are surfers. Infact when the waves are on at home, I share the line up with some epic surfers and their is no tension what so ever. Its the kooks of the world that blow it but thats a story for another day, today, we are talking about the nicest people on the planet, bodyboarders. 

So we have established that bodyboarders will throw money into brands that hate us. Thats just how cool we are. However it doesn't stop there. Bodyboarders in ZAF are even cooler and il explain why.... 

Lets look into the bodyboard industry for a minute. We have the biggest brands in the world being imported onto our shores. We as bodyboards are obviously aware of this because, firstly, how epic!! Those importers give a total of R0.00 back toward our sport and to thank them for not supporting us, we throw money at them too! It gets even better, we have ex pro riders who have lived the struggle of making a career from the sport, they kick off a bodyboard and fin brand, understanding the struggles we face, generate money from us, give nothing back, smile and think " bodyboarders are the nicest guys on the planet" 

So now once we have thrown our monies at brands who hate us, ex pro's who use us and importers who rape us. We haven't got much left to throw but who cares, after all, we are bodyboarders, the nicest people on the planet.