Best Welcome Home Ever

The breakdown of 24 hours after landing:

  • 7pm - Home and Unpack ( Feeling Jetlagged) 
  • 8pm - Asleep ( Lying Down is underrated )
  • 3am - Wide Awake ( Jet Lagged and Frothing )
  • 5am - Shower , Brush Teeth , Drink 2nd Coffee ( Caffeine Highs )  
  • 5:30am - Order Uber ( Struggle is real )
  • 6am - 3rd Coffee and Meet Bradford ( Old Mates are the best )
  • 6:30am - Cant find parking at the Rock  ( Wow )
  • 7am - Changing and Chatting ( Time is near )
  • 7:30am - Lift off.  

" The very first wave that came through was a gift. I saw it rolling it and it kinda turned straight to me, I was stiff feeling little still off the plane and kinda nervous if I must be honest. I even remember stroking it and asking myself why I was nervous. As I got in, I saw the bowl swing and it was ready and waiting. Everything lined up and it was the best welcome home gift!"  

NDJ Photo

" The best thing was, I had no idea that anybody was even shooting. I usually get a parking spot at the rock and thats when you see who is around. That day, the parking was super full, so we parked way down the beach. So to come home to a few emails of this particular wave was epic! " 

Stuart Bradford was out in full force. Credit must be given as he was the man of the hour. Stu was situated west of the take off zone and was just going ballistic whilst the line up witnessed. He got some incredible imagery but nothing gives justice to what he was actually getting into. 

Darren Simmes Photo

Ostler " I think for me personally, to come home and see a guy like Stu putting himself into these situations was just the best. Ive always been a fan of Stu's riding and this day, he was really on show for everybody at Cave Rock. While we here, special mention must be made to Shaun Haage who I reckon, probably got one of the best waves of the day before the sun was even out properly. It was a west one with a mother of a hook! Shaun took control and it was epic to see! 

That day was followed by another. The Hand Picked guys were out in force. So good to have some of the team together surfing, laughing and boosting! I think it must be said, Derek Footit was responsible for wave of the day! 

"So many waves where shared again and it was just the perfect welcome home gift" 

Here is a brief few images from the days! 

Images by Nic Aberdien