A successful application in : Jason Shepard

We are proud to release another successful applicant for the Exclusive Range. We caught up with the recent applicant to learn a little more about this Modern Day Collector... 

"I was introduced to Bodyboarding by my father when I was around 8 or 9. He would go out surfing and I would go out on the Bodyboard he bought me!! I just fell in love with Bodyboarding and never thought about converting to stand up ( like my dad would have liked ) I bodyboarded into my teens and well into my mid 20’s until I had a bad accident and badly broke my arm where I needed an arm full of pins just to hold it together!!  So I had many many many years away from Bodyboarding while I healed .. I’ve only been back for the last few years and I’m just loving being back Bodyboarding more then ever. I bought 19 brand new boards last year, I just love all the new technology and innovation companies are coming up with . This is where my best friend and I started the Facebook page “Modern Bodyboard Collectors” can’t wait to receive my “The Handed Picked Movement “ exclusive board it will be the jewel of my modern collection 🤙🏼 " 

What was really interesting about the story of Jason Shepard, was after the unfortunate incident resulting in years out the water, was that Jason fell in-love with the tech progression in the industry. Obviously as a manufacturer, this was really interesting. Doing some research into " The Modern Day Collectors" intrigued further interest and wow, 19 boards in a year is a pretty incredible stat! 

Bodyboarding is obviously a massive part of Jason's life, which makes it our honour to celebrate this in conjunction with the symbolic Exclusive Range. 


 25 Years of Shaping | 10 Boards in Total | 5 Years of HandPicked | 1 for the Collectors