5 Q's with The Champ

We caught up with the 2017 Junior South African Champ, our very own, Liam Kavanagh.... 

HP : How’s life been since you won your first SA title?

LK : Very different- I feel much more relaxed in the water when free surfing but in competitions there is a lot more pressure now because I have it all to lose. 

HP : What have you been up to?
I’ve been training quite a bit - I’m in the water about 5 times a week no matter the conditions. 

HP : What board are you riding now?
I’m riding a Hand Picked custom 40 inch, Double stringer bat tail combo. With a special Mesh insert im testing out. My board was obviously shaped by the guru, Marc Rossouw. 

HP : A bat tail? Why the change?
I’ve never ridden a bat tail before and I’ve heard a lot about it and I just wanted to see the difference between the crescent and bat. It helps that we ride custom boards too, so we can play around with different shapes and specs. 

HP : Very lekker, so you have any near future plans?
I’ve always wanted to ride an APB event and eventually the tour itself. I’m riding the APB event in South Africa and I’m super stoked to be able to have this opportunity. The whole team is staying together which is going to be real fun!